6 hour drive…

So some friends of mine that I grew up with while in Okinawa are in Texas. So I decide to go see them since Oklahoma is code to Texas and got there in six hours… 

Well I did make it and I am staying with them at their hotel. Well this lovely morning I woke up early and decided to hit the gym! Because I’m fat. 

Well I began to wonder, “Did I pack any socks?” Because I only brought sandals. So without looking I assumed I forgot and went to the store to buy some. 

After the gym I took a shower and then dug through my little suit case OwO I found two pairs of socks. But no undies. 

What a morning….


A lesbien Disney princess?

So above is a link to a video on Facebook that I watch about LGBT asking Disney to give Elsa a girlfriend. 

First off I’m not against homosexuals or any other sexuality and if anyone feels offended from my post I apologize in advance because I don’t mean to be if it seems like it. 

So my thoughts on this. I personally disagree with the idea.  Disney is for kids. And I think for LGBT asking for this request is wrong. 

But I do keep thinking. There are kids out there growing up with same sex parents. I never met anyone who has same sex parents so I personally don’t know their thoughts and personal feelings, and I’m sure Disney will eventually make their own choice of having a lesbian princess some day. But I feel the starting route to this transition would be a prince or princess growing up with same sex parents. 

Disney already made this move once with an episode of Good Luck Charlie. It was very careful and honestly a pretty good episode. 

Another thought I had is that the gay community is huge. And I’m sure little kids are already seeing gay couples walk around and very slowly understanding. Some may be surprised and get over it, and others just might accept the fact right away. But I feel parents that are hiding from their kids that it’s possible for the same gender to like each other will give that child a huge shock. I remember growing up and I felt pretty surprised finding that discovery and a lot of people didn’t come out of the closet for awhile at that time (at least I don’t think they did. I’m 21 o_O).  So maybe it won’t fully be a bad idea?

So conclusion, 

I’m up for it and then I’m not 0,0. What whatever happens will happen. 

Do you have any thoughts?

First Brazilian Wax


I LOVE waxing! The first thing I wanted to say! I wax my arm pits, above me lips,  and eye brows, but I never got a Brazilian till just the other day at European Wax Center. 

Now for those of you that DO NOT KNOW what a Brazilian wax is, it’s when they get ALL the hair around your sexy lady parts. And yes..ALL of it as in they get inside the lips.

ANYWAY! I got one and it hurt but not as much as I expected it to. They also apply a really nice serum to help prevent ingrown hairs. You’re also able to buy a bottle in there shop for less that $30. Oh! and if you’re a first time customer they give you half off!!! So I paid $23.50

I’m definitely going back there again.

Long Distance relationship 

So as all of you probably don’t know, I’m in a long distance relationship where my boyfriend and I are 7,277 miles away from eachother. 

I’m happy to say we have been together for almost a year and we talk about plans for tea two of us in the future. 

Now, I just want to say to all those people going on how long distance doesn’t work… Well it does if you both actually want to be with eachother. LDR’s work. 

All in all, this is mostly a shout out post to my wonderful Zacharyđź’•

How I love him so. 


So I got a tattoo a few days ago.


It hurt so much when I first got it… But I did NOT expect it to be THIS itchy! Although I’m suffering I still think it was well worth it. Can’t wait to heal!

Any who my tattoo is of a Shisha dog c: It’s involved with Okinawan culture. This little Shisha dog is smelling the beautiful flowers of the island.

Well this is my first post! At 1:20 in the MORNING!!!!