Let’s Talk About Ex’s (One)

Never in my high school years have I ever taken a relationship seriously where I thought we’d end up married. Now don’t start thinking I cheated or anything because I always respected the person I was with.Though most of my relationships lasted for about three days… Yeah. I lost interest fast.

after my senior year I started dating a guy and it got serious. We were together for about six months. It was the longest relationship I had ever been in. He was a marine stationed over seas, and he was only a year older than me. Soon after we started going steady he found out that his ex girlfriend was five months pregnant. Now I know to most people it’s not a big deal to date someone who has a kid, but for me it was big step. To make things short we broke up and later on I found out he was actually married and that was is Wife that was pregnant… not an ex girlfriend. But after she started talking to me I’m sure she’s an ex wife by now.


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