Long Distance relationship 

So as all of you probably don’t know, I’m in a long distance relationship where my boyfriend and I are 7,277 miles away from eachother. 

I’m happy to say we have been together for almost a year and we talk about plans for tea two of us in the future. 

Now, I just want to say to all those people going on how long distance doesn’t work… Well it does if you both actually want to be with eachother. LDR’s work. 

All in all, this is mostly a shout out post to my wonderful Zachary💕

How I love him so. 


17 thoughts on “Long Distance relationship 

  1. Hey Bella, I’m in a similar situation! My bf is currently 7,600 miles away! I know the struggle! Assuming he’s in the military too? Found this tagged under Okinawa…for all we know our bf’s are friends! haha


      • Hah yeah different camp, mine’s a marine – I’m planning a trip out there in Jan/Feb, but he’ll be home for a few weeks this Aug and I absolutely cannot WAIT!!


      • We met over seas c: I use to live there with family for four years. He was going to come in August but duty calls.
        He PCS in April though

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      • Ahh well I’m glad you two are making it work despite the circumstances! None of my close friends know the LDR struggle, so it’s nice to find others in similar situations and know that it can work out! 🙂


      • Hah right!! Such debbie downers. It’ll be a year in August, but we actually met six years ago at a summer job! All these years since, I’ve been looking for love only to realize he’d been in my life this whole time!

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      • September for us! Lol he was looking for a booty call and I wasn’t interested xD then I left the island for college. And we started talking and he decided he wanted a relationship

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