First Brazilian Wax


I LOVE waxing! The first thing I wanted to say! I wax my arm pits, above me lips,  and eye brows, but I never got a Brazilian till just the other day at European Wax Center. 

Now for those of you that DO NOT KNOW what a Brazilian wax is, it’s when they get ALL the hair around your sexy lady parts. And yes..ALL of it as in they get inside the lips.

ANYWAY! I got one and it hurt but not as much as I expected it to. They also apply a really nice serum to help prevent ingrown hairs. You’re also able to buy a bottle in there shop for less that $30. Oh! and if you’re a first time customer they give you half off!!! So I paid $23.50

I’m definitely going back there again.


2 thoughts on “First Brazilian Wax

    • oh geez I’m in love with it!!!! haha! I didn’t know they did the butt area at all till when I got my first wax xD So completely got me off guard! The number one thing I love about waxing too is that I’m allergic to metal so razor burn hurts a LOT near my lady bits, when I wax it just feels so nice and clean ❤


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